Backup, migration, and sync for Office 365

Back up Office 365

Migrate to Office 365

Sync SharePoint/OneDrive with other cloud services

Why do you need to back up Office 365?

Noted organizational theorist and sociologist Charles B. Perrow noted in his book “Normal Accidents: Living with High–Risk Technologies” that operators and the personnel handling data are the blamed for data loss 60-80% of the time.
So data can be accidentally deleted and no 'trash' or 'history' can help since 'trash' can be as easily deleted by end user.

Need to Migrate to Office 365?

Let cloudHQ handle your email and file migration for you while you sit back and relax.

cloudHQ migration to Office 365 will ensure that all data and sharing metadata is also migrated from other cloud setups like: G Suite, Egntye, Box Business or Box Enterprise, and Dropbox Business. For example, if a folder is shared then cloudHQ will migrate also information which team members have access to the folder and level of that access; which is why it's so important that sharing metadata is included in your migration.

cloudHQ migration to Office 365 will be continuous and in real-time. That means that you don't need to stop using your old cloud setup while your migration is transferring until you're ready to make the switch. cloudHQ will ensure that all changes on your old cloud (Egnyte, Box or Dropbox) are automatically mirrored to Google G Suite.

Do you need to sync Office 365 SharePoint or OneDrive with other cloud services?

IT audits show that organizations with over 10 employees end up using multiple cloud apps: Gmail, Dropbox, etc. And majority of communication with customers partners, clients, etc. is done via email.

Thus, even if your organization relies solely on Office 365 as the primary cloud platform, employees, client and partners will continue to use other cloud apps to be more efficient. And that makes collaboration a complete nightmare. Productivity is suffering. cloudHQ is the cure: we can can sync data from other cloud service with Office 365 SharePoint or OneDrive.

  • Back up Office 365 to Amazon S3
  • Migrate to Office 365
  • Sync SharePoint with other cloud services
  • Sync OneDrive with other cloud services

Back up Office 365 to Amazon S3 and Glacier (or other storage)

Real-time and continuous backup of all Office 365 emails, OneDrive accounts and SharePoint sites to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier.

cloudHQ backup will give you
continuous and real-time data protection: Real-time data protection is backup of files, emails and other data by automatically making a backup copy of every change made to that data.

This means that cloudHQ is essentially capturing every version of your data - so nothing can be lost. It allows the user or administrator to restore data (or snapshot of your system) to any point in time. You can think about cloudHQ sync as a very powerful version of Apple Time Machine for your G Suite.

Setup Now!

Setup Office 365 Failover

cloudHQ can create a real-time replica (copy) of all your Office 365 OneDrive, Mail accounts and SharePoint document libraries in G Suite. So each of each of your employees will have an exact copy of their OneDrive or email account in Google G Suite. Since all changes are replicated in real-time, your replica in G Suite can be also used as a solid, secure, and bulletproof failover solution. .

So if your Microsoft Office 365 service is temporarily unavailable, you easily can failover to G Suite in a matter of seconds.

Integrate And Consolidate Other Cloud Apps

cloudHQ can improve team collaboration by intelligently formatting the information in all of the different apps used in your workplace and consolidating it your central Office 365 SharePoint site or users' OneDrive account. So employees can use virtually any platform where they feel like their most productive selves.: and eveything will be still replicated to your Office 365.

For example, most organizations hire contractors of some sort: designers, lawyers, media relations, and so on. In this case, you’ll need to provide folder access to that contractor to give him or her sufficient background information to complete the task at hand, and also so that the contractor can share their work back with you. These contractor will user their own cloud accounts and cloud service: and cloudHQ can ensure all data which stored outside your Office 365 gets contolidated and integrated with your Office 365.