What is cloudHQ?

cloudHQ covers all of your Gmail productivity needs. With over 60 email apps, and more than 1.5M clients, we've mastered helping you save time by helping you work more efficiently and get more things done in a day than you ever thought you could.

Save Emails to PDF

Looking to save your emails to PDF? This is the most comprehensive way for you save your emails to PDF, XLS, TXT, or HTML. You can save: emails, attachments only, emails and their attachments, and email contacts.

Free Email Tracker

Want to know who opens your emails? Of course you do! This nifty little tool lets you figure that out, along with these robust features: link tracking, text notifications when someone opens your email, desktop notifications when someone opens your email, email notifications when someone opens your email, reminders if nobody opens your email after 48hours, reminders if nobody replies to your email after 48 hours, and the ability to export a summary of everyone you sent an email to with email tracking, via Excel or csv file

How to bulk forward multiple emails in Gmail at once

Have you ever had to forward a bunch of emails one at a time? It's so time-consuming, and downright annoying. Now, you can forward as many emails as you want, all with just 3 clicks!

Auto BCC for Gmail

Do you want to automatically BCC or CC someone on specific emails? Auto BCC for Gmail will do exactly that! Here's a step-by-step video showing all that you can do with this extension.

Gmail Email Templates

Are you looking for professional email templates that work right out of your Gmail email? These would be it with: Video emails, screencasts, calender meeting scheduler, email tracking, and an easy HTML editor.

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