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Label and email sharing and collaboration,
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100% free email templates for Gmail,
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Integrate and Migrate to Google Apps

Integrate and sync your cloud apps and services.

Real-time sync between cloud accounts.
Migrate emails and files to Gmail and Google Drive.
More than 5 million files transferred every day.

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Back up Google Apps

Back up your personal cloud accounts and apps.

Back up all G Suite accounts to Amazon S3 or some other storage (Box, Dropbox, etc.).
Trusted by more than 3000 organizations.

Not a Google Apps user?

SolutionsSolutions for other clouds

Backup Google Apps / G Suite

80% of all data loss is caused by human error. So even if your files and emails are in the cloud, they can be still easily accidentally or maliciously deleted and lost.

cloudHQ offers real-time data protection and backups of all your data in the cloud.

✔ Backup all Google Apps accounts in your organization
✔ Backup your personal Gmail or Google Drive accounts
✔ Backup other cloud apss used in your org
✔ Real time data protection

Sync and Migrate to Google Apps

Even if your organization might be using one primary cloud platform like Google G Suite / Google Apps, your employees, partners, and clients will use other cloud apps: like Evernote for note-taking, Dropbox for sharing with clients, Salesforce for CRM, Basecamp for project management.

On other hand, you might need to migrate large amount of data from other cloud services such as Dropbox, Box, etc.

  1. cloudHQ will sync and integrate all these cloud apps and storage services with your Google Apps accounts
  2. cloudHQ provides fast reliable migration soltions without any interuption to your business

Save emails to PDF

This Chrome extension saves your email and its attachments to PDF. You can also save multiple emails to:

as one PDF document with all emails,

zip file with all emails in PDF,

as excel spreadsheet or CSV.

This is the best tool to package multiple emails in one pdf and send the package to your lawyer or your accountant!

Gmail Label Sharing

Sharing many emails at once is annoying! Rather than forwarding one at a time, just save them all to a Gmail label and share it with anyone who has an email address with Gmail Label Sharing. cloudHQ Gmail Label Sharing allows you to share emails and labels and collaborate on these emails with other Gmail users in the same way as you would you would share folders in Google Drive.

It's great for:

  1. Human resources to discuss incoming candidate submissions
  2. Sales teams to discuss clients or potential clients
  3. Customer service teams to discuss how to handle a client issue
  4. Law firms to discuss cases with everyone on the team

Multi Email Forward

This Chrome extension saves you a ton of time when you want to send bulk emails to anyone. Just click all the emails that you want to send, and they'll get forwarded all at once. This is a great solution for:

onboarding of new employees,

forwarding receipts to your HR or maybe to your accountant,

migration of your emails,

forwarding emails to your CRM,

and more...

Gmail Email Templates

Gmail Templates extension will supercharge your Gmail: you will be able to create and share beautiful email templates using our entire pre-designed HTML template library, or you can upload your own templates from MailChimp.
Great for:


Private announcements




Free Email Tracking

This Chrome extension allows you know when your emails are opened in real-time. Now you can find out when your emails are read!

Unlimited email tracking

An email tracking dashboard

Real time and SMS notifications


Link tracking

Auto BCC for Gmail

Do you ever wish that you could just always blank copy another email address when you send emails to a specific person? Maybe it's to yourself on another email account, or maybe it's to your assistant, or maybe it's even your partner!

Whoever you want to blank copy, this free service does exactly that for you: auto BCC your emails and rest assured that whoever should have a copy of your email, does. Automatically.

Meeting Scheduler for Gmail

This Chrome extension lets you send out a link so that other people can choose a meeting time with you based on your availability. It works directly from Gmail, and is 100% integrated with your Google Calendar.

Say goodbye to 'email tag game' for scheduling appointments - do everything with one email and one click.


With MailKing you can create and send an email campaign right from your own Gmail account!

Higher open rates

Upload recipients via CSV or excel files

Personalize mass emails based on name, email address, or any available information.


FREE email femplates provided

Follow up campaigns available

Opens and clicks tracked...

Snooze Email

Snooze of an email will temporarily remove them from your inbox - it will come back to the top of your inbox at the time you set it.

You can snooze any message that you want to follow-up with later, whether you received it or sent it, all without leaving your browser or Gmail!
Snoozing in Gmail helps you...
Remember to pay upcoming bills
Follow-up with clients that don't reply
Stay on top of emails you won't need till later

Schedule Email

Schedule your email to send at a later date and time.

Need to send an email to your client or boss, but it's 1am? No worries.

Just schedule it to send first thing in the morning while you catch up on your beauty sleep :-)

Save emails to Dropbox

Our Chrome Extension, Save Emails to Dropbox will quickly and reliably save your emails in Dropbox.

Autosave all emails from a label to Dropbox

Convert emails to PDF, HMTL, or text

Backup all your emails to Dropbox

and more...

Save emails to Google Drive

It's surprising that Google hasn't created an integrated or reliable way to quickly save your emails in Google Drive yet, but we've got you covered until they do.

Our Chrome Extension, Save Emails to Google Drive, you can save your Gmail emails to your Google Drive in just 1 click!

Send Your Email to SMS

This Chrome extension will let you send your email to someone's phone number via SMS text.

If something is important, don't text someone 'check your email', just send your email to that person's mobile number and get faster results!

And you can also receive SMS text alerts with actual email content if you receive an email from selected receipts.

Gmail Time Tracker

Gmail Time Tracker is time logging service to help you track your reading and writing in the email, so that you can include it in your billable hours.

Any time you open an email, you'll be able to log how much time you've spent reading it, or writing it. You can then export that information into a spreadsheet, and include that in your billing hours.

This is an **excellent** service for any professionals who charge hourly like:


virtual assistants,




Rename Email Subjects

Have you ever received an email whose subject is very unclear, or gave you a different idea and you want to label it properly so that you can search for it more easily later on?

This extension will you stay organized by letting you rename email subject headlines.

The sender won't know that you've changed the email subject (unless you reply back with the new subject line).

It can be used to break up a long conversation thread.

It's easy to remember what idea you thought of when you received an email by renaming it with that idea to refer back to later on. :)

Video Email for Gmail

Do you want to stand out in your emails?

Or maybe you're too busy to type an email, but a video might be right up your alley?

Video Emai; is 100% free, and allows you to record your video, overlay multiple filters on it, and send it directly through Gmail- all with 3 taps: record, upload, and send.

Screencast Recording

Screencast Recording for Gmail is THE BEST free video screen capture option out there.

It captures your voice, and anything you want to show that's on your screen. It uploads directly as a link in your Gmail to your screencast video.

Use it for:


customer service,


or anything that you want to share...

Gmail Notes

Add annotations on your emails to remember something, or to coach how to craft a good email.

If emails were letters, Gmail Notes would be sticky post-it notes.

Highlight a section of an email that you received, and make a note about it. Keep it for yourself or email it to someone else.
No more having to respond to someone by saying 'see edits below in red', or wishing that you could write a note on an email. Now, you can just use Gmail Notes and never lose a thought.

Perfect for:
✔️ Editors
✔️ Sales Managers
✔️ Project Managers
✔️ Customer Representatives
✔️ Anyone who wants to make a mental note about an email that they received.

Gmail Screenshot

Gmail Screenshot is a lightweight Chrome extension that will let you snap a picture of anything you see on your screen so that you can do the following on top of your image:

Write text

Use arrows

Pixelate sensitive information

Include rectangular boxes or lines

Save emails to Box

Our Chrome Extension, Save Emails to Box will quickly and reliably save your emails in Bpx.

Autosave all emails from a label to Box

Convert emails to PDF, HMTL, or text

Backup all your emails to Box

and more...

Backup emails to Amazon S3

Backup and Archive Emails to Amazon S3 and Glacier can reliably and quickly backup and archive your emails Amazon S3 - in just 1 Click!
Back up and archive:

1 email at a time,

A selection of emails,

All your emails, and

For admins: all your teams' emails.

HTML Editor for Gmail™

Do you have HTML skills?

Do wish you could customize Gmail emails to include things like:



Call-to-action buttons

Side by side images (great for social media logos!)

If you answered yes to any of the above, do we ever have a treat for you!

Good Morning - New Tab

Good Morning gives you a tranquil and positive way to start your day anytime you open a new tab in your browser.

Daily inspiration is abound with images that gently remind you to center yourself, along with an inspirational daily quote to help you focus on the bigger picture of your day ahead.

Free Email Tracking Blocker

Stop spammers dead! Anyone who's tracking your emails, will be sorely disappointed.

Do you know that almost all the emails you receive are tracked to see when you open them and when you click on the links in them?

With Free Email Tracking Blocker they will never be able to know when you opened your email - and you can control who and when they can see that their email is opened or not