cloudHQ offers you support as you transition out of your job to your new one. With these apps, you can copy your email to another email account, create a contact list, and reach back out to them when you're settled.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Is my data secure?
Q: Your security and privacy are our #1 priority. Any data we might store on our servers is 100% encrypted and best practices are followed to ensure your data remains private and secure. You can read more about our security here.

A: What about privacy?
Q: Our Privacy policy is simple. Any information we receive from you will not be shared with anyone else, and we'll never use it for anything that is not absolutely necessary to provide the service. For example, we don't share your information with advertisers or 3rd-parties. You can read more about our privacy here.

A: Where can I find your knowledge database, and how to reach support?
Q: Our support page is You can reach support by emailing us at

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