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What is cloudHQ?
cloudHQ is a service that continuously synchronizes and replicates data between multiple cloud services and cloud accounts in real-time.

For example, with cloudHQ you can sync Google Drive and Dropbox. So cloudHQ can copy all your files from Google Drive to Dropbox and visa-versa. Also, any change from Google Drive will be instantaneously replicated to Dropbox and any change in Google Drive will be instantaneously replicated to Dropbox.

Or, with cloudHQ you can sync Evernote with Google Drive. This allows you to easily edit Evernote notes in Google Drive or edit Google Drive data in Evernote.
Why use cloudHQ?

Backup Your Data

cloudHQ can be used as a backup solution.

For example, if you use online management and storage sites—such as Dropbox, Evernote, and Basecamp—cloudHQ can backup, replicate, and sync all your Dropbox files, Evernote notes, and Basecamp projects to Google Docs. Even if somebody steals your laptop and then deletes all your Dropbox and Basecamp data, thanks to cloudHQ, you will still have a backup. And no data will be lost.

Consolidate Your Data

cloudHQ can also be used as a solution to consolidate all your data from multiple cloud services to a central service.

For example, if you or your company uses multiple services, cloudHQ can consolidate all data from the multiple accounts you own to a central account that is easier edit, update, and manage.

Simplify Team Collaboration and File Management

cloudHQ can sync all your data between multiple cloud services and accounts thus simplify team collaboration and file management.

For example, cloudHQ can replicate and sync all your Basecamp projects with a folder in Dropbox (or Google Docs or Box). So that all your Basecamp data will be in Dropbox (or Evernote, Google Drive, Box, or SugarSync). Then you can use Dropbox (or Evernote, Google Drive, Box, SugarSync) sharing capability to share the entire folder or just a portion of it with your team members. This means:
  1. All members of your team will have access to Basecamp data (documents, messages, to-dos) both via Basecamp interface or via Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, or SugarSync.
  2. Each team member can just upload files to Basecamp by just 'dropping' files into a folder on their PC.
  3. This is also great for sharing things with your clients. You can give your client access to project data by sharing it via Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, or SugarSync.
The team
Senad picture
Senad Dizdar Senad Dizdar on Linkedin
CEO and Founder

Senad has more than 23 years of development and management experience in area of storage, high-availability, security, and databases.
From 2000-2011, he was a team lead and manager in Oracle responsibile for Oracle Database Backup and Recovery and Oracle Secure Backup.
Before Oracle, Senad was a founding engineer and architect of Hewlett Packard's OpenView DataProtector backup and recovery product.
He lives in San Francisco, CA.
Selim Dizdar picture
Selim Dizdar Selim Dizdar on Linkedin

Selim is a software developer with more than 13 years in software industry.
He lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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