Back up Your Data to Your Amazon S3

Back up Your Company’s Data

Facts That All IT Pros Know:

  • 60% of all data loss is caused by user error.
  • Employees use their own apps to increase productivity.
  • There are 10-50 apps used in any organization.
  • IT usually only approves and backs up 3-5 of them.
When you choose cloudHQ to backup all your company’s files to Amazon S3, you’re making a pro-active choice to protect your business. You’ll have a real-time backup of anything you have in the cloud (all documents, emails, projects, sales information, etc.). And if something is accidentally or maliciously deleted, you’ll always have a replica in Amazon S3.

  • Back up Google Apps
  • Back up Salesforce
  • Back up Office 365
  • Back up Egnyte
  • Back up Box Enterprise
  • Back up Your On-Premise Storage
  • Back up Other Cloud Apps

Real-Time Backup of Your Organization’s Entire Cloud

You’ll have a real-time backup of anything that you store in the cloud (all your files, emails, videos, etc.). This is beneficial so that if any of your services ever goes down, or if any of your employees accidentally deletes a folder, you’ll always have a replica of your work in Amazon S3. This is an excellent option as a failover solution.

Your Data is Yours

Most backup providers offer a backup of your corporate data to their Amazon S3 cloud account; as is the case with popular cloud storage solutions like Dropbox and Box. Our sync provides you with a backup to your Amazon S3 cloud account which provides you with the ultimate control to access your company information any time you need it.

Integrate with Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost storage service for data archiving and online backup. Customers can reliably store large or small amounts of data for as little as $0.01 per gigabyte per month, a significant savings compared to other solutions. To keep costs low, Amazon Glacier is optimized for infrequently accessed data and for long term archiving.

Backup All Apps in Your Organization

We fully support: Microsoft Outlook 365, Salesforce, OneNote, Evernote, Google Apps for work, Oracle Sales Cloud, Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Drive, Basecamp, Box Enterprise, Egnyte, Box Enterprise, and Dropbox for Business.