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Back up or save email messages

This wizard will help you set up a continuous backup of all your emails in a Gmail label, and save them in your Google Sheets. The email messages will be converted to PDF format and saved to your Google Drive. All of your attachments will also be saved. Google Drive link pointing to PDFs and attachments will be in your Google Sheet.
This is an excellent solution for small businesses so you can:
  • Archive project-related emails.
  • Delegate responsibility handling emails with your team by saving emails from your Gmail label to a spreadsheet, and then share the spreadsheet with whoever needs access.
  • For managers to share emails with their assistants or team.
  • etc...

Extract information from the body of email messages and attachments

You can set up automated information extraction workflows using this powerful email parser. The information you extract will be saved to a Google spreadsheet in your own Google Drive account. ?
It populates the information extracted from your emails to your spreadsheet in real-time, as you receive emails. It will also go through all your past emails and include those that fit the rules that you define.
Here are some examples of the kind of information you might want to capture from your emails and populate into a Google Sheet:
  • Order and shipping information (date, location, tracking number, etc.)
  • Email confirmations
  • Email lead information from forms
  • Messages and contact information from people who leave messages on your website live chat service
  • Customer service or client replies to support tickets
  • Travel service request emails
  • Lead page consolidation
  • Automatically generated reports like job reports, contractor invoices, project milestones, etc.

Email List Builder: Build email/contact list and track your outreach campaigns

This wizard will set up a spreadsheet that will contain an up-to-date contact list of anyone that you've ever exchanged emails with in the past. The spreadsheet will be updated in real-time.
You can extract info from:
  1. all email messages in your account
  2. all email messages with matching subject line
  3. all email messages in a label
For each email address in your contacts, we will deliver the following information to you in an organized spreadsheet:
  • Your contact’s name
  • Your contact’s location
  • Your contact's public social profile information
  • The date, time, and email link to the email of your last sent message
  • The date, time, and email link to the email of your contact’s last message they sent to you
  • If your contact responded to your last sent email message or not
This is an excellent solution for small businesses to improve communications with their customer or supplier relationships. Your spreadsheet will automatically be updated in real-time as new emails or new contacts come into your inbox, so you will always have full visibility of each business-related relationship in an organized report whenever you need it, in a shareable way via Google Sheets.

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Find all bounced email addresses

Automatically find all bounced email addresses from your email campaigns to ensure a good sender reputation.
One of the biggest ways to ruin your online sender reputation is to repetitively send emails to bounced email addresses. That's why this wizard organizes a Google Sheet for you so that you can easily identify and remove all bounced emails from your email list before sending out a new email campaign. This ensures that you keep a high quality sender reputation so that your emails land in your email recipient's inbox, like you wanted it to in the first place.
The export will run continuously, and as soon as an email message is bounced, it will be added to your spreadsheet.
This is an excellent solution for small businesses using Wordpress plugins like newsletter or email signups, or for people who are sending email campaigns from their own email address.

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MailKing, Auto Follow Up, and Email Tracker campaigns

Create a spreadsheet with all your MailKing, Auto Follow Up, and Email Tracker campaigns.
This wizard will automatically generate a Google spreadsheet which has full engagement performances and stats for all your MailKing, Auto Follow Up, and Email Tracker campaigns.

The spreadsheet will include:
  • Open and click for each email messages sent
  • Performance for each of your outreach email campaigns
  • Number of replied emails
  • Status if email address is bounced
  • List of contacts replied
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounced (invalid emails)
  • etc ...

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Parse Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a service by Google that sends an email when new results for a topic show up. This wizard will automatically extract all the info into a Google Spreadsheet. For example, you can get info about news, products, or mentions of your name.
This wizard will thru your Gmail inbox and extract the following info from all your Google Alerts email messages:
  1. Date and Time
  2. Publisher
  3. Summary of search results
  4. URL link to the content
  5. URL link to share on Faceook
  6. URL link to share on Twitter
  7. URL link to flag results as irrelevant

This is an excellent solution for small businesses or individuals to monitor the web for mentions of your company, your name, or your competitors.

This wizard is available free of charge.

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