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Do you store important business files in one or several cloud services? Looking for a way to effortlessly backup and consolidate all these files scattered over different cloud accounts to one dependable location? OneDrive for Business provides a great place for central storage; however, consolidating data from alternative cloud apps is not an easy task!

Using cloudHQ to Backup to OneDrive for Business
Several file formats and accounts make it difficult to manage data stored in “the cloud” from one easy to access location. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could consolidate this information and back it up to one directory accessible from either account? With cloudHQ, you are able to effortlessly create a reliable failover and restoration source for the following services:

Evernote Onenote OneDrive Presonal Evernote Business
Dropbox Box Salesforce Basecamp
Google Gmail Google Drive Egnyte Amazon Cloud Drive
By using cloudHQ to create a backup to OneDrive for Business, you will be able to access, share, and view files stored in multiple services from one central location. cloudHQ consolidates and backs up data in real-time, so you always see the most recent changes in OneDrive for Business. Never worry about data accuracy or lost files again!

Simple, Flawless Real-Time Protection
When data from Box, Google Drive, or another service is backed up to OneDrive for Business, you will have an extra copy of your data in OneDrive without additional work! An archive folder is also created to ensure you have a quick failover option for service disruptions, malicious attacks, or accidental deletions.

And backup location in OneDrive can be also used to improve and simplify collaboration in your team. For example, you want to share files from Box, Drive, or another application, but do not want to provide a partner with access to that account. You can use cloudHQ to backup these files to OneDrive for Business and then set up the share. cloudHQ takes care of the difficult replication processes for real-time backup to OneDrive for Business. The result is simple data management, better collaboration, and reliable access from anywhere. Now you can sit back and relax because critical data is available, even when the unexpected happens!