Backup All Your Cloud Accounts to Box

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Do you use multiple cloud services to store important business documents or personal information? Is it difficult to locate files and determine which version is the most current? Can you easily recover files which have been deleted in your Google Drive, SharePoint, or another cloud application?

If you are using one or more services to manage data in “the cloud”, it is important to have a dependable backup in place. A centralized backup location ensures the most accurate information can be accessed when it is needed regardless where it was originally stored!

Flawless, Real-Time Backup to Box
What if you could save data from one or several cloud services to a chosen app? With cloudHQ, it is possible to create a backup in Box for simplified management, advanced search capabilities, and reliable failover. cloudHQ may be used with the following services to create a backup to Box:

Evernote Onenote OneDrive Presonal Evernote Business
Dropbox Google Drive Salesforce Basecamp
Google Gmail Yandex Egnyte Sugar Sync
Do you need to have replicata of your critical Salesforce data in Box? cloudHQ can flawlessly replicate this data and save it to Box in real-time. Changes made within the chosen cloud service (i.e. Salesforce, SharePoint, etc.) will be automatically reflected in Box!

Be Prepared For The Unexpected!
cloudHQ offers the ability to consolidate directories or individual files from multiple services and then back them up in Box. Additionally, real-time synchronization between accounts ensures data remains current and accessible from any account.

An archive folder is also created as a failover for malicious attacks or accidental deletions. With this service, you are able to:
  • Access Cloud Application Data From Box
  • View Shared Files in a Central Location
  • Effortlessly Restore Files To Any Cloud App
  • Gain A Central, Integrated Cloud Backup Location
  • Have a Quick Failover Solution for Service Disruptions
  • Consolidate Data for Seamless Sharing and Access
cloudHQ makes it easy to access critical information any time you need it. By using this service to backup to Box, you will be able to restore or access data with ease! Why not get started today! With only a few steps, you can be on your way to creating a worry-free cloud storage failover solution.