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Migrate Data Between Google Apps Domains

Migrate Data Between Google Apps Domains

Not only can cloudHQ help keep your data safe, it can also assist you with migration of data between Google Apps domains.

cloudHQ is also great solution for moving large amounts of data between different Google Apps domains. For example, let’s say you have a large number of documents in the domain Companyone.com, and you want to copy them in Google Docs for Companytwo.com; cloudHQ makes it easy. Not only will cloudHQ migrate data between very large Google Docs accounts but also all file formats will be preserved.

So if you want to migrate Google documents from one domain to another domain, cloudHQ will continuously sync your data between these Google accounts, so you can use both domains even if other migration tasks are still pending (email, user training, etc.).

And during migration you can also replicate all to Dropbox, to ensure your critical information is safe and backed up.