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Backup Basecamp to Dropbox or Google Drive - continuously and in real-time

Continuously Backup Basecamp to Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, or Google Drive

Basecamp is one of the best web-based services for project management, especially for collaboration with various groups both inside and outside of your organization. Businesses both large and small relay on Basecamp, and therefore it is critical that your Basecamp data be protected.

So how can you make sure your project data is 100% safe against malicious or accidental deletion?

With cloudHQ you can continuously and in real-time backup all of your Basecamp projects, either to Dropbox or Google Drive. cloudHQ even allows you to replicate and backup multiple Basecamp accounts, including all data, messages, documents, attachments, diagrams, etc. related to your project directly to Dropbox. So as soon as someone uploads document to your Basecamp project, cloudHQ will immediately copy the document to Dropbox (and you will instantly have access to this document from your local PC folders) or to Google Drive

When we say continuously we mean just that: replication from Basecamp to Dropbox is constantly running with no need to setup annoying scheduled backups. There is no need wait for weekly or nightly backups and you don’t need to worry whether a backup is done or not : as soon as a document is added to Basecamp it will be replicated to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive. 

One of the most important benefits of replicating your Basecamp data to Dropbox is that your documents can be available on your PC. So even if you temporary lose your Internet connection, or are unable to access Basecamp for any reason you can still access your documents. You can also set up a sync into Google Drive, allowing you to search Basecamp project attachments and search, edit them, and more.