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Consolidate All Your Data in the Cloud

Consolidate All Your Data in the Cloud

Not only can cloudHQ help keep your data safe, it can also assist you with consolidation of your data in the cloud

When an organization uses multiple accounts in multiple cloud services to store data, it can often be a challenge to keep track of vital information and documents. Sometimes it is a good idea to consolidate your data, such as from all Dropbox accounts your company and clients use, and replicate them to Google Docs.

Conversely, when you are using multiple Google Docs accounts, it is often helpful to sync them all to one central Dropbox account. Or perhaps you have business partners or clients sharing documents using different Dropbox, Google Docs or even Basecamp accounts, in which case you may want to consider consolidating all of your data into a central location. Maybe everyone on your team is using a different Dropbox account, and are considering replicating all of the data to a central Google Docs account.

Whatever consolidation method you choose, cloudHQ is here to help!