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Backup Google Docs to Dropbox - continuously and in real-time

Backup Google Docs to Dropbox - Continuously and in Real-Time

Google Docs is one of the best solutions to edit and collaborate on your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or drawing online. And, as all of your files are on Google's cloud servers, your documents are not at risk from things like hardware failures, electrical issues, or local natural disasters. Because of this, you may think your data is safe and secure.

However, extensive research paints a different picture. A study released by the IT Compliance Group has shown that as much as 20% of companies experience more than 20 losses of sensitive data every year, data which could have come from customers, employees, even IT security data can be lost or damaged. At least half of these occurrences would not have happened but for a single cause; human error. Charles B. Perrow, a renowned organizational theorist and sociologist, wrote in his book Normal Accidents: Living with High-Risk Technologies that 60-80% of all data loss and disasters are the fault of human operators and personnel. Most of the time this is accidental, but it is sometimes malicious, and Google Docs does not protect your data in either case.

With cloudHQ you can continuously and in real-time backup all of your Google Docs accounts (and even all accounts of your company) to Dropbox. Additionally, you can replicate your shared Google Docs documents to Dropbox. What this means is that as soon as someone shares a document with you via Google Docs, cloudHQ will immediately copy the document to Dropbox, giving you instant access as well as serving as well as backing up the document on Dropbox and on your PC.

When we say continuously we mean just that: replication from Google Docs to Dropbox is constantly running with no need to set up annoying scheduled backups. As soon as a document is created in Google Docs it will be backed up. There is no need to wait for weekly or nightly backups and you don't need to worry whether a backup is done or not.

And data is replicated in real-time which means that changes are replicated as soon as they are made.

One of the most most important benefits of replicating your data to Dropbox is that your documents are available on your PC. So even if you temporary lose your Internet connection, or are unable to access Google Docs for any reason, you can still access all of your documents.