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cloudHQ can backup any (or all) of your cloud accounts to your primary (backup) cloud account - in real-time.

Here is the list of cloud services we can backup to:
SharePoint OneDrive Dropbox
Box WebDAV Google Drive
Egnyte Amazon S3 SugarSync

cloudHQ real-time backup offers full protection of you data: as soon as you modify a document or get a new email message, it will be automatically backed up. Without any delays. And in case of any accidental changes, nothing will ever be lost because we ensure that a previous version of your files are saved in a special folder so that you are protected against all cases of accidental or malicious deletions or incorrect file updates.

  • cloudHQ real-time backup will protect your backup against cryptolockers (encrypting ransomwares). cloudHQ will capturing every single version of your data and previous versions of your data are saved in cloudHQ_archive folder. So if some files get encrypted via cryptolocker the previous version of a file will be automatically saved in cloudHQ_archive folder.
  • Your business will be protected against against cloud service interruptions and against malicious or accidental data deletion. All your data will be stored in multiple cloud accounts ready for file restoration or failover.
  • All your data will be consolidated into one central cloud account so your data will never be misplaced or lost.

About Evernote
Evernote is one of the most popular note taking application in the world.

This powerful note taking application makes easy to capture ideas, images, webclips, and anything else you need to remember. Evernote can bring your life's work together in one digital workspace—available on all major mobile platforms and devices.
And there is also Evernote for Business: you can create notes to share with your team!

You can make your Evernote much more powerfull by integrating it with the other apps you use (or your company uses). For example, cloudHQ can sumc your Evernote with SharePoint, Evernote, Gmail, Google Drive, etc. Or cloudHQ can backup your Evernote.

As an added bonus, your data is confidential because we use state of the art security protocols. We insist on maintaining multiple levels of security to protect and backup your files.

We already sync over 10,000,000 files a day, so join the “bring your own service” revolution and start syncing your data now!